Carnic Injection (Specifications)

Form Powder
Usage 50g/animal / day
Mxing Ratio 500g - 1kg/100kg of cattle feed
Target Disease Control
Purity 80 %
Application Agriculture

Bio Remilk Powder, we offer, has the desired level of efficacy. Its safe composition is reckoned upon for bringing about effective results. And its prescribed dosage comes inscribed on the package. However, veterinary advice is recommended before taking the supplement. We are often called the best Manufacturer and Supplier of Bio Remilk Powder in Ludhiana, Punjab. We abide by international standards all along the formulation.

Details :

    • Remilk replenishes nutrients that are drained through milk.
    • Remilk boosts milk production and helps maintain it at higher levels.
    • Remilk prevents animals from metabolic diseases.
    • Remilk is a dry powder, which gives the benefit of :
    • Ease of Handling
    • Easy Administration
    • Better Mixability
  • A better Alternative For Better Action
  • Now No need to Supplement liquid Calcium 

Direction for use : Mix with a small amount of feed (Ingredients) prior to final inclusion into finished feed or mix in water and administer as a top dressing.

Composition : Each 500gms, Contains : Nutritional Supplement of Ca, P, Potassium, Magnesium, Herbal extracts, Lacobacillus Sporogenous, Vitamin Ad3, B12, C Water Soluble Carbohydrates Dextrose.

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