Carnic Injection (Specifications)

Vitamin E 2.5%
Astragalus extract 5%
Soy isoflavone Solvents 0.5%
Validity 2 years
Packing 250ml*40 Bottles/ctn & 500ml*20 Bottles/ctn

Description :

  • Egg shell become harder and fresh color, size become more uniform,
  • Extend laying fastigium. Increase good quality egg production 5%~8%.
  • Adjust hormone secretion, makes ideal egg production body, promote nutrition/calcium absorption and accumulation. Decrease multivitamin use quantity.
  • Strengthen liver and kidney function, strengthen organism immunity and anti-stress capability
  • Keep intestinal tract microecosystem balance, decrease digestive system disease, Reduce feed & egg ratio.

Usage & Dosage :

  • Use during laying early period (about 60days) and laying late stage
  • (physical laying rate drop off period).
  • 250ml per 5,000 layers, drink intensively.
  • During disease recovery period in laying period,
  • 250ml per 3,000-4,000 layers, drink intensively continuous 10-15 days

Note : This product is super concentrated solution, please dissolve it with suitable quantity warm water in small container before use.

Caution : This product cannot use instead of medicine. For animal health

care only.

Storage : Store in cool place prevent from light. Keep out of reach of children

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