Carnic Injection (Specifications)

Citric Acid 120g
Formic Acid 40 g
Butyric acid 40g
Lactic Acid 30g
Propionic Acid 22g
Acetic Acid 10g
Sorbic Acid 2 g
Solvents upto 1L


  • Purify water , make sure poultry drinking water safe. Use through drinking water, and also clean drinking pipe system. 
  • Improve intestinal healthy , adjust poultry stomach and intestinal pH, keep beneficial bacteria normal reproduction. Protects poultry against pathogens bacteria e.g E.coli,Salmonella spp, Clostridium spp, Camphilobacter spp. 
  • Prevent drinking line and papilla blocking, bacteria virus breeding, clean organic substance and residual mineral in drinking system. suitable for you all kinds of drinking system. 
  • Stimulates poultry flock enhance immunity. 

Usage & Dosage : 

  • For poultry and swine cleaning water system and health care: 1: 2000 diluted by animal drinking water during breeding period, 1-2 time per week. 
  • Empty henhouse drinking system cleaning: 1:100 diluted by water steep more than 24 hours , then put out, wash 2 time by water 

Caution : This product cannot use instead of medicine. For animal health care only. 

Storage : Store in cool place prevent from light. Keep out of reach of children. 

Packing : 1000m-1.12 Bottle/ctn Validity : 2 years 

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